Unlock Your Power, Potential & Purpose

Moving through the journey of growing, exploring, trying new ways and being all the different roles expected of you as a person of influence can be exhilarating ... and demanding!

Maybe you are the only person engaged in building your dream, or perhaps it feels that way! You might be heading a great team that are helping you build your vision, but you know you need more.

More space, more reflection, more support, more ideas, more time to expand your passion and purpose.

We have found that people that continue their journey of growth on the POWER on PURPOSE™ mentoring programme achieve more, feel more supported and most of all, are accountable for the implementation of ideas, methods and techniques that are crucial for the growth of you and your vision.

You can join the POWER on PURPOSE™ mentoring programme today and get 12 months of value packed content on your very own membership portal, where you will get a month by month PonP™ growth and development programme designed by Tom and Sandra.


POWER on Purpose


Once you have found your passion and are aligned with your purpose you will feel like you've 'come home'. Keeping you moving on this path is the key to your success.

Checking in monthly with a highly trained and skilled mentor gives you somebody to be accountable to, who will guide you, push you and demand higher levels of performance and implementation on a consistent basis.

This is the key to living with Power on Purpose.


to keep you regularly accountable & on track