Great coaching comes from being able to quickly and skilfully drill down into the areas that need attention.

Tom and Sandra have decades of experience in helping people unblock and unleash the power within every person they work with.

Their coaching package is not for everyone and they only take on clients serious about fulfilling their potential and who are able to integrate the coaching material.

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Award winning authors Tom and Sandra have written several books that will help you in various parts of your life and business.

Their first book, Thinking Therapeutically gained international acclaim and they now write for those that desire to take control of their life through getting mentally unstuck and unblocked.

Sandra's latest book is also now available as an Audio Programme.


to keep you regularly accountable & on track


to discover your magic

& unleash your potential


& audios to nourish your mind

to help you connect & grow

to get you started on the ride

& audios to nourish your mind

Unlock Your Power, Potential & Purpose

Do you want a speaker for your event who has many years of experience presenting in front of audiences of all sizes, and who will light up your room with their passion, humour, energy and knowledge?

Yes. Then book us for your next event to get your audience inspired, unlocking their potential, tapping into their wisdom, and pushing their inner limits beyond anything they have before.​ Get locked into your Power ... on Purpose.

Once you have found your passion and are aligned with your purpose you will feel like you've 'come home'. Keeping you moving on this path is the key to your success.

Checking in monthly with a highly trained and skilled mentor gives you somebody to be accountable to, who will guide you, push you and demand higher levels of performance and implementation on a consistent basis.

This is the key to living with Power on Purpose!

Visit our Youtube channel to get videos completely free to help you with areas such as managing your time, aligning your purpose, knowing who you are and your place in the world, how to tap into your mind and brains incredible power, and much more.

POWER on PURPOSE™ 2 Day Personal Development Event - Unlock your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash your inner power to create the success and results you deserve.


8th & 9th July 2017


to inspire and ignite you & your dreams